Wake up feeling great


Sleep Analysis

LEVIE doesn't just monitor your sleep, it improves your sleep. You'll get wake-up time suggestions, appropriate to your previous sleep analysis. It's smarter than your smartphone app, it doesn't just monitor your motion, it also monitors your breathing and your heart rate.

Ambient Light

Light is a natural alarm clock. It signalizes the body, that a new day has already dawned. The Light can't be used just only in the wake-up-process, it can be used at night as well, to don't stumble over something in the darkness.

Touch & Gestures

Never get stressed out by setting up a new alarm on your alarm clock again. Intuitive touch gestures makes it a lot easier to set a new alarm. Gently touch the top of the device to snooze or press the button to deactivate the alarm.

Generative Sound

LEVIE generates new melodies based on your preferred alarm tone every day. You will never get used to your alarm tone again.

Sleep Analysis

LEVIE is designed to monitor and improve your sleep quality.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

LEVIE wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase.

Sleep Overview

Get information about your sleep efficiency.


LEVIE is very easy and understandable to use.


Control the device by simple touch gestures, like you are used to from your smartphone or tablet.


Just touch the top of the device to snooze, or press the button to deactivate the alarm.

Light and Sound

Ambient Light

The light fades on before you get waked up. This makes it easier for you to start into the day.

Generative Sound

Generate your individual sound and choose between calm and euphoric music.

Hardware Facts

Using the newest technologies makes LEVIE a powerful and functional device.

Touch screen

7" touch screen
Adjustable brightness

Ambient Light

RGBLEDs at the bottom
RGBLEDS at the back


Proximity sensor
Brightness sensor


Stereo Speaker

USB Port

USB 3.0


Aluminium Unibody